Gourmet Grooves

Gourmet Grooves

Mixing & Music Production

Music Production

Hand-Crafted songs & beats baked with love in our Nashville, TN based studio. Hip-Hop in its truest sense - it's what you make it. Drawing on anything that hits our ears, we bring raw creativity and refine it through theory to bring something fresh to the musical table.

Mixing & Mastering

We add the sauce to your music. Using the best plugins money can buy from UAD, we bring the best out of your work and make it loud for the world to hear. Our mixes are commercially competitive, both sonically and technically - ensuring your sound is heard as it should in every enviornment on any device.

Multimedia Tech

From building our own microphone preamps, to designing our own plugins. We do a little bit of it all (including this website). Nerds at heart, we are constantly learning and staying current with tech. If it lights up (or was supposed to) we can probably help.

Mixing Packages



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Singles and Albums



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For Music Professionals

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Gourmet Grooves was started out of a college apartment in 2012. Focusing on quality and experimenting, we have developed a unique but competitive sound. Our mixes our loud and proud, but maintain that commercial clarity.Experimenting has lead us to great sounding modifications to our microphones and preamps. Quality in the 21st century comes from top of the line converters and plugins from UAD.
Put this kind of power in the hands of nearly 30 years combined music experience and you get Gourmet Grooves.

Sam Krutz

Founder / Producer

The mad scientist behind the faders.

Andrew Gentile

Founder / Systems Tech

The organizational glue holding it all together.

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Gourmet Grooves Nashville, TN 615-852-7890 [text or call] studio@gourmet-grooves.com