Case Arnold - "Treasure" [ft. CJ Fly] (prod. by Epic)


New sounds from Case Arnold featuring CJ Fly. We recorded Case’s vocals at the spot and slid CJ’s verse in before we put the sauce on it during mixing. More on the way from Case as we move toward his next full length, mixed and mastered release. 

Check out the premiere over at HotNewHipHop

Tim Gent - Rumor Has It

Fresh off the Gourmet Grooves grill, Rumor Has It is a collaboration between Clarksville / Nashville staple Tim Gent and producer RMUR. We mixed all 8 tracks on the tape and had a great time putting the finishing touches on some fresh tunes. 

Check out the premiere over on HotNewHipHop

January Re-Cap

Its been a busy 2016 here at Gourmet Grooves. Despite being buried under nearly 5 inches of snow (okay, that’s a lot for us here in the south), we were able to get our new website up and running. Leaner, faster, strong - we have the technology. Check it out and let us know what you think. Complains go to Andrew. 

Most of our time has been putting the finishing touches on the next offering from Clarksville native Case Arnold. Its been a creative journey working on this record - tweaking, revising, fine-tuning things to be perfect. Sam is constantly pushing what is possible with the freshest UAD plugins. BX-20 reverb was a nice addition to the arsenal recently. 

We also started out on a DIY project, TimeClock. It’s a punch clock for timecards, modified to be part of the Internet of Things (IoT). Clock in when you get to the studio, clock out when you leave. Everything gets sent to our cloud so we can keep putting out dope records. 

Be on the look out for info on Case Arnold’s next release in the coming weeks. Steve August (formerly Eazy Steve) has also made announcements around Down South Astronaut, with several productions and mixing by Gourmet Grooves. Keep it groovy. 


Repairing an #Akai XR-20 drum machine for Case Arnold. Someone burnt out the solder pads for the DC adapter. Maybe we hot wire somewhere up stream or build a little widget to interface with the batter connector. 

New Toys for the New Year

Got an order into Sweetwater today for some studio essentials, headphones, strings, picks, etc. Amazon is sending over some horse power for our server in the form of HDDs, RAM and another Ethernet card. Next week we get our hands dirty, pics to follow!

New responsive social media widget for the website footer. Pure CSS - no Javascript. 

All in a Day's Work

Today we got 1 major achievement completed and we gained some ground on another. Instead of hosting our own Wordpress blog, it’s easier to integrate an existing social media platform and kill 2 birds with one stone. All the blog posts from our website come from our tumblr. Andrew wrote a PHP application that gets the posts from Tumblr and displays them on the blog page of the website. Neato!
To make it even better, all the posts link back to Tumblr.

Made some strides on the header image. Getting the box overlay on top of the responsive was a doozy. The picture was one Andrew took at MTSU studio A (or B) with an SPL meter in front of a bass rig.

2016 website is going to be super smooth. Getting the Tumblr integrated as the native blog back end. Goodbye Wordpress. 

Hello World

Welp, we’re on Tumblr now. 

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